Podcast Launch: Trailer and Episode 0

Riley Jeffs and I have officially launched the trailer and episode 0 of The Repentance Podcast and we could not be more thrilled!

We are making the podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube.

As mentioned on the home page of our website, we plan to release a blog post alongside each new episode that we release not only to notify our subscribers of new content, but also to provide additional insights and show notes.

And so, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the trailer and episode 0 of The Repentance Podcast.


In this episode, Riley and I talk about who we are, why we started the podcast, and what you can expect as a listener.

Who We Are

Riley and I first met in December of 2019 just after I had purchased my first home in Provo, Utah.

We are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so I had reached out to our elders quorum president (which happened to be Riley) to see if any elders in our ward could help me move in.

Riley coordinated the move-in, but ended up not being able to volunteer because he was out of town.

We reconnected several months later after Riley heard my story on the Breaking the Silence podcast.

He texted me afterwards and thanked me for my willingness to share my story and told me that he was also struggling with pornography and masturbation.

I asked him if he’d be willing to have a phone call that following Sunday so I could learn more about his story and his struggles.

We had a great phone call and both decided that we wanted to be “accountability partners” for each other.

For us, this meant that we would send each other daily e-mails talking about the emotional ups and downs that we faced during the day. We also decided that we would have a phone call every Sunday night.

We did hold each other accountable, but neither of us ever really figured out the “magic formula” for overcoming our sinful behaviors.

After months and months of continued relapses, it became more and more clear to us just how complex repentance really is.

Why We Started the Podcast

Our own years worth of struggles with pornography and masturbation have been the primary motivation for starting the The Repentance Podcast, but a couple of secondary motivations have been my fascination with “content marketing” that started after I heard Marcus Sheridan speak at the Utah Digital Marketing Collective in August of 2019 and Riley’s amazing video/audio producing skills that he learned through his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University.

We truly believe that the Godhead has not only been preparing us to be able to create this podcast, but that They are actively working with us to make this podcast a lifeline for anyone who is trudging through trenches of sin.

As co-hosts, we are in the trenches with you.

This is one of the reasons why we believe this podcast will be different from other podcasts out there. We are not claiming to be authorities on the topic of repentance nor are we promising to solve everyone’s problems. Rather, we are hoping to open a conversation about repentance where unique perspectives and insights can be shared.

We are excited for the opportunity to share what we’ve learned, but also to learn from others who have different experiences and perspectives than our own.

With that being said, if you have any questions, comments, insights, or feedback, please contact us through our contact form or e-mail us directly at

What You Can Expect As a Listener

As mentioned on the home page of our website, we plan on releasing at least one podcast episode and blog post each month, but hope to be able to release more (unfortunately, this is not our full-time job despite how much we wish it was).

To give you a little sneak preview of what’s ahead:

Episode 0

In this episode, Riley and I review The Manifesto which outlines our core beliefs about repentance.

The Manifesto

I just got into the public relations program at Brigham Young University this past year and took my first class: Digital PR.

As part of the class, we were asked to build a website (which was another influence for starting the podcast) and my professor, Dr. Devin Knighton, suggested that we write a “manifesto.”

I honestly didn’t even know what a manifesto was so I read a bunch of articles online and discovered that a manifesto can include a public declaration of beliefs.

This idea really resonated with me so I started reflecting on and writing down my core beliefs about repentance, and The Manifesto was born.

Our Core Beliefs

One of the similarities between mine and Riley’s journeys through repentance is that we both have “relapsed” (or made the same mistake again) hundreds of times.

This has been extremely discouraging for us, especially because we have felt like we have been putting forth our best effort and trying as hard as we know how.

That’s why Belief #1 in The Manifesto has become so important to us. It gives us the reassurance that the Godhead knows of our weaknesses and shortcomings and promises us that They will be united in power and purpose to help us reach our highest potential.

With Them, we cannot fail.

They can make the imperfect perfect, the broken whole, the weak strong, the damned redeemed.

They truly can exalt us (or enable us to reach our highest potential).

This is a promise that we believe the Godhead is extending to every person who ever has lived, is currently living, or who ever will live on the earth and is one that we hope every single one of our listeners will remind themselves of every single day of their lives.

Believing this promise takes faith—the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Repentance—the second principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ—is the process of making this promise a reality in our individual lives.

Riley and I believe that repentance is more about changing our beliefs—the underlying motives behind our emotions and behaviors—than it is about just changing behavior.

Because we, of ourselves, do not understand the beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that constitute our highest potential, we also believe that revelation is central to repentance. In other words, revelation is the process by which we receive a knowledge of our own perfection.

That’s why we agree with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles when he said, “Our only hope for true perfection is in receiving it as a gift from heaven—we can’t ‘earn‘ it.”

Listen, Share, Review, and Send Feedback

We hope you enjoy the trailer and episode 0 of The Repentance Podcast.

Please take some time to listen to each episode, share them with friends or family in need, write a review, and/or send us feedback through the contact form on our website or by e-mailing us at

Until next month,

Maxwell and Riley

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